About The Wing Chun Society Port Talbot

Sifu Dave Thomas is a registered Instructor for the Wing Chun Kung Fu Society

Dave has been training at Swansea Wing Chun Society since 2008, he received his instructor qualification in 2010 and in 2012 received his Sifu certification directly from Sifu Mackinnon and Master Li. He opened the Port Talbot Club in March 2012.

He teaches in his home town of Port Talbot. Dave's aim is to pass on the art in its entirety to those that have the right attitude and want to learn the Wing Chun System of Kung Fu.

On the surface Wing Chun seems to be a very small system of Kung Fu but underneath it is vast, sometimes appearing to be ever expanding. The instructor’s job is to help guide the student enabling them to navigate through it so that they can ultimately find their own Wing Chun. Similarly the instructor must allow themselves to be guided by the student or their goals may never be reached. This is no easy job for the instructor or indeed for the student they will have to work hard over the years to build a relationship of trust, both physically and psychologically. Only then can they ever hope to reap the benefits of this unique system of Kung Fu.

Below: Dave and Norman

Left: Dave. Right Norman

Give Dave a call to to see if Wing Chun Kung fu is for you.
Tel: 07900 846397
Tel: 01639 897177
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