Martial Arts Training Equipment

Dave Thomas runs The Wing Chun Society in his home town of Port Talbot.

He is also a specialist Woodturner with over 32yrs of woodturning experience his mainstay of work tends to be Stair parts, table legs and bespoke turnings made to either drawings or photographs he also makes Martial arts training equipment. He focuses mainly on wooden dummies, long poles and training knives and Indian clubs. Because of his experience in wing chun he is in tune with what the clients are after in the finished goods and can produce a fully bespoke design if required. He is happy to discuss any project that you might require.
DT Woodturning

Wooden Dummies

Wooden dummy in Sapele on freestanding baseThis unique style of Wing chun freestanding wooden dummy was developed and designed by Dave Thomas DT Woodturning. He only uses Danish oil as a finish on the main components so the natural colour and grain of the wood shows through. It also provides a very durable finish that is easy to maintain and allows sanding and refinishing to easily be done if needed.

The base has a compartment which is filled with either sand or stone to give it a realistic weight. This ensures that when practicing the form you are not chasing the dummy and that when you want to train your kicks full power can be used.

There is no bottom support strut so it allows complete access when kicking to the dummy body at low level. This also allows for quick height adjustment as you only have to undo two bolts. The design is great for transportation, just undo six bolts and the frames and dummy can be dismantled into its component parts.

Wooden dummies

For those of you who need replacement parts or would like to make your own Wooden dummy, arm sets and legs are also available. Along with free advice.

Baat Jaam Do

Batt jaam do wing chun training knivesThese Baat Jaam Do wooden training knives sometimes known as butterfly knives are made from a quality marine ply and can be supplied at 12" (304mm) length blades or made to measure.

They are excellent for training the form and associated techniques and can safely be used in a class environment without fear of hurting either yourself or any one around you. Being in wood they do not have the weight of a metal set and the thumb guard is not suitable for trapping with but is fine for form work and flipping the knives.

Baat Jaam Do